Writer, Director, Producer

I have directed and produced a range of works over the last 20 years including a number of social issue documentaries on topics ranging from truancy and street kids, to a biopic on Transgender community worker Mama Tere; from women in gangs, and landmines in Cambodia, to a self-funded piece on the work of paediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr Alan Kerr, that I am still trying to put together. I have been moving into writing and directing for film, also highlighting social issues, and have just finished writing and directing my third short film.


My World as it is

My name is Paula Whetu Jones (Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Whakatōhea, Ngāti Porou). ‘Paula’ means little and ‘Whetu’ means star. ‘Jones’… we still don’t know where that name originated from. My Maori whakapapa is from Te Karaka (Haami Jones’s) Opotiki (Oakes), Rangitukia and Waituhi. My pakeha whanau is from Rangiora, Christchurch and Hawkes Bay. I am one of 6 and I grew up in Hastings. I have 3 children and then I have my 6 year old moko and he is my favorite… everyone knows this and they are fine with it, or so they say. My work life has been varied since I left school at 15 but discovered Film and TV at 26 years old and haven’t looked back. I’ve fallen over lots of times and smacked into things but I’ve never looked back.


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